TAO Connect Self Help

TAO Connect is a suite of online tools for life skills education, well-being, resilience and behavioral health with content available 24/7/365. Registration is free with your UCSF email address.

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The TAO self-help platform was built to support student educational and skill development needs in the areas of mental wellness and overall well-being. TAO self-help tools can be used when students need support and education for common issues such as: improving mood, calming anxiety, managing stress, succeeding in relationships, improving communication skills, exploring issues related to alcohol and drug use, and managing anger.

Personal and Professional Development

TAO offers training tools ranging from self-awareness as a leader, communication skills and problem solving to mindfulness, journaling and practice tools.

Situational Problems and Mild Concerns

Sometimes we struggle with life problems, TAO has effective single session resources for many of these concerns: procrastination, perfectionism, test anxiety… along with sessions to help evaluate alcohol and drug use and relationship health.

Moderate Problems

TAO has interactive, engaging short courses (3-4 sessions) for stress management, grief and loss, worry, recovery after break-up, caregiver fatigue, social anxiety, anger conflict and management and others.

Chronic Problems

TAO includes basic behavioral concepts based on evidenced-based interventions including CBT, Behavioral Activation, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.


Disclaimer: Please note that the resources available in the TAO self-help platform are informational and are intended to serve as an aid in understanding the topic areas presented. These resources are not intended as a substitute for treatment from a qualified mental health professional.