Medication Support at SMHW

We understand that navigating emotional concerns such as depression and anxiety can be challenging for students and learners. That's why we offer comprehensive medication support as part of our commitment to student well-being.

Our team of psychiatrists are highly skilled in evaluating students' needs and determining appropriate medication options. They work closely with students to recommend personalized treatment plans that align with their unique circumstances.

If medication is deemed a suitable option, students undergo a comprehensive evaluation with a psychiatrist. During this evaluation, the psychiatrist discusses the potential benefits of medication, explores how it can be combined with therapy, and recommends other self-care strategies to support overall well-being.

Referral Process

Before initiating a psychiatric evaluation for medication management, students are encouraged to meet with a counselor for a Brief Consult. Our counselors serve as the gateway to psychiatric evaluations and medication support. Additionally, options for community psychiatry are also available. Our counselors provide guidance in assessing available treatment options and facilitate the coordination of a psychiatric assessment when necessary.