End of Coverage: Insurance Options

It is in your best interest to avoid a break in your health insurance coverage. For those of you in the following circumstances, please refer to the following recommendations:

What is the circumstance? Option(s)
Graduating Option 2 or 5
Taking an official leave of absence Option 1 or 5
Withdrawing from the University Option 4 and 5


OPTION 1: Leave of Absence Health Coverage - Two Quarters

Students may extend their UC Student Health Insurance Plan for up to two quarters if on an approved leave of absence. You must have been covered by UC SHIP in the term immediately preceding the term for which you want to purchase coverage. To apply, complete the online Voluntary and Dependent Plan Enrollment form and submit payment directly to Academic HealthPlans via the online payment methods.

OPTION 2: UC SHIP Continuation Plan

The Continuation plan is only for students who are graduating. A graduated student may enroll in the plan for one quarter from the termination date of their current UC-SHIP coverage. Continuation plan coverage includes all the same benefits, limitations and exclusions as the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Enrollees in the Continuation Plan continue to have access to Student Mental Health and Well-being Services. To enroll, complete the online Voluntary and Dependent Plan Enrollment form and submit payment directly to Academic HealthPlans via the online payment methods.

OPTION 3: Scholars and Researchers Health Plan

This insurance coverage, which is equivalent to the UC SHIP, is available to scholars, researchers or students who are engaged in a formally recognized academic pursuit or program by the University of California, San Francisco for the quarter(s) for which health insurance is being purchased. To apply, complete a Scholars and Researchers Enrollment Form and submit to Student Mental Health & Well-being with payment or payment information.

OPTION 4: SMHW Services Benefit

For students who withdraw from the University mid-term, the UC SHIP will stay in effect until the end of the quarter as long as the student does not receive any fee reimbursement. However, if the student receives any fee reimbursement for the term in which they are withdrawing, the health insurance will terminate at the start date of that term. In this case, the student will still have limited access to services at SMHW for 30 days after withdrawal.

Students who withdraw from the University at the end of a term or less than 30 days from the end of the term may be seen at SMHW for follow-up care for this transition. They may have up to three visits with a mental health practitioner for 30 days after leaving the University. If any referrals or prescriptions are ordered, they will only be paid for by the UC SHIP if the plan is in effect at the time those services are accessed. If you have additional questions, please contact SMHW at 415-476-1281.

OPTION 5: Apply for Other Insurance

If you will not have insurance through your parents, spouse or place of employment – you are eligible to purchase coverage via the Affordable Care Act. In California, you may purchase care through Covered California (the State of California’s healthcare exchange). If you will be leaving California, find out if the state you are moving to offers their own exchange or utilizes the national exchange. The website for the national health care exchange identifies if an individual state has their own exchange. The information may be found at: https://www.healthcare.gov/get-coverage/