One Session at a Time

What is a One Session at a Time?

A One Session at a Time is a focused, goal-oriented therapy session designed to address a specific situation or goal. It provides you with practical strategies to navigate challenges and collaborate on a plan that would best suit your needs.

How Does it Work? What to Expect

Goal Setting: You'll collaborate with your therapist to define a clear goal for the session. Whether it's making a decision, increasing motivation, or coping with a breakup, the focus is on achieving tangible outcomes.

Intake Forms: Prior to your session, you'll complete intake forms conveniently accessible on your student portal. This information helps your therapist understand your needs and tailor the session to you.

Session Dynamics: During your 50-minute session, your therapist will share insights, strategies, and resources to support you in reaching your goal. This may involve exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors relevant to your situation.

Next Steps: Depending on your needs and preferences, your therapist may recommend additional services such as brief therapy, group therapy, or long-term therapy. These recommendations are designed to provide ongoing support and facilitate further progress.

Scheduling Your Appointment

If you decide to pursue One Session at a Time therapy, your appointment will be scheduled at the time of your Brief Consult. This ensures a seamless transition towards focused, goal-oriented plan that fits your needs. Student Portal