Primary Care through UCSF Health

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing does not provide primary care services.

UCSF Health is the designated provider of primary care services for UCSF students using the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). To establish care, you need to register. To begin the process please call (415) 476-1281, option 1, or complete the intake web form. For students who have waived UC SHIP and have a commercial insurance plan, you may elect to use UCSF Health as your primary care provider or continue utilizing options provided by your current insurance to obtain primary care services.

UCSF Health employs a comprehensive primary care model that emphasizes patient-centered care, tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities. At UCSF, we want your primary care clinic to feel like your healthcare home. We welcome patients from all walks of life and backgrounds, and we ensure that every patient receives innovative, conscientious, and high-quality care. UCSF Health operates several primary care clinics, primarily located in and around San Francisco.

Primary Care Clinic Locations:

Below is an FAQ that provides information on the transition of student primary care to UCSF Health. 


Appointments and Locations

Providers and Specialty Care 

For the gender affirmation clinic where some of those providers are family practice physicians, are we able to use them for our primary care outside of hormone therapy, such as receiving PrEP and required lab work, and write referrals such as physical therapy or other specialists? 

UCSF Health primary care providers are going to be the new providers for the UC SHIP plan. Any services for hormone therapy will require a referral from the PCP. 

Health Records and Privacy 

Collaboration with SHCS mental health services  

Insurance and Fees  

As per the current year’s UC-SHIP plan, what will be the co-pay to see a PCP for a regular visit? At SHSC, it was free. 

We established our agreement with UCSF Health so there will be no copay to see a primary care physician at UCSF Health for this plan year. 



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